What shoes to wear on your first date under 50$

We've all been there, the big moment, one of the scariest moments in a mans life!! Now everything seems to be going perfect then you remember you haven't shopped for shoes in a long time.

You look in the closet and you realize your date is headed for disaster. Your stock of shoes is outdated and they look like your grandpas closet, but you are on a tight budget!!

Don't worry, shop with us!! Good Buy Global the is the shipping expert. We have various models under 50 USD to help update your footwear collection.

You can choose from different types of styles and finishes such as: genuine leather, mocasin, oxford, formal, lace up, laceless and many more!!

We offer free global shipping on all orders, no minimum purchase. All of our products include a full buyer protection, which protects you and your product.

If you for some reason don't receive your product by the estimated shipping time, you are automatically eligible for a refund.

If you receive a product that doesn't match the publication or ad, you can return your product totally free!! Please read our returns policy and also our privacy statement.

You see you are 100% safe with us. Visit our contact us page in our website.

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